The "Right" Glasses Frames

       Picking out the right frames is just as important as making sure you lens prescription is correct. I have worn glasses for as long as I can remember and picking out the right frames is one of my biggest challenges. I usually just go with something fun, if I have to wear glasses they might as well be interesting yeah? However, this year I stuck to good ol classy. The Lacoste pair of glasses below are my current pair and I absolutely adore them. Believe it or not it took me about two weeks to decide on my frames. Although it is a cute frame, here goes the down side.....MY FRAMES ARE HEAVY! I wear my glasses 99.5% of the time so having heavy frames is a bit annoying. I am also awake for 17 hours straight so that means wearing my glasses for at least 17 hours per day. When I initially tried my frames at the opticians office it did not feel heavy. I only noticed how heavy it was after wearing them on one of my really long days.

Lacoste pair.......Heavy Frames

If you happen to have heavy frames like I do here are some tips for you.......

  1. Have a second pair of glasses (you should always have two pairs of glasses anyways).
  2. Make sure your second pair is a light frame, wear your light frames when you know your day will be very long.
  3. If you can only afford one pair of glasses no worries......Just make sure you take a break from your glasses throughout the day. Take them off when you do not really need them.
  4. Some companies allow you to return your frames for a full refund after a week of trial so find out if your frames has that kind of coverage. 

My no brand light frames......Comfort Frames

      I got really lucky this year because my lens prescription did not change significantly so I am using my old pair as my second pair. I also got used to my heavy frames and I sometimes wear them on my long days.

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