Professional Improvement

      What better way to start the year than to talk about professional improvement? When I initially thought about this post, I was going to make a series about it (I still might) but I decided to point you to one of my favorites places I read about professional improvement. 

      I can't tell you how I stumbled upon this awesome woman's blog and IG page; all I know is that she popped up on my timeline out of nowhere. I randomly clicked the link in her bio and I found myself on her blog stalking every post. Her blog basically covers how to be a successful AfriGen in your profession. She has tons of tips on how to nail interviews and how to build relationships with your coworkers.These are just a few of some of the topics she covers. Although I already know some of this information it is insightful to read more about it from a Human Resource Professional.

Meet JANET.......Picture is right from her blog.
      Janet also has an AfriGen series on her blog so if you are an AfriGen and you need a little bit of encouragement do check out her series to learn about the awesome people she has interviewed. Not sure if you are an AfriGen or know for a fact that you are not a AfriGen? still check out her blog you can still learn a thing or two. I honestly think anyone can benefit from Janet's posts. If  you have a job, looking for a job or just wants to boost your professional self esteem then check out notes from HR.

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